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$300/show or $500 for both shows
(Once Around the USA and Visit to Africa)
All other events, see EVENTS listing

Choose Event:


Businesses: $115/h, 2 hour minimum + travel


Parents, Individuals:

In Saratoga Cty, NY in your home: $40/h, 2 hour minimum to start;
Phone/Skype: $40/h, 2 hour minimum to start;
Regionally (30-100 m radius): in your home $50/h, 2h minimum to start


Very special home group deal:

For individuals wishing to invite friends:
Each additional friend pays 1/2 price – and 1/2 of each friends’ payment goes back to the initiator. I.e.: You pay the required $100, 4 friends pay $50 each, you get $25 per friend, Prof. Sophia gets $25 per friend Result: you have a free session! Or you share equally with your friends.

Weekly, monthly, or year-round consulting negotiated per individual situation.

Contact us to reserve.

Workshops, seminars, speeches:

Basic: minimum $500/day + travel and expenses depending on event – sliding scale possible for non-profits and small organizations

Contact us to reserve.


At the Sophias in Saratoga, NY: $40/h
Sibling discounts available, Sliding scale available

In your home: $50/h
Sibling discounts available, Sliding scale available

Contact us to reserve.


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