About Green Conscious Kids

Green Conscious Kids is a movement led by Professor Johanna Sophia helping parents and families raise conscientious, happy, well-rounded children. Johanna offers workshops, one-on-one consulting, seminars, classes and much more!

Focusing on the Earth

We work with kids and their parents on strategies to help families become more thoughtful in their thinking, in all parts of life.

Professor Johanna Sophia

My eclectic life ranges from singer-actress on stage and in films in Europe to opening my own school for drama and dance in Zimbabwe – having studied Modern Dance in Paris. There, I designed my first veggie ‘slimming-trimming’ courses - actress Sharon Stone briefly was one of my clients - and local and international folks crowded my school called Stage Studio. Then I became a professor of Film (MfA Columbia University, NY) and after some award-winning, very idealistic independent movies, I became a MOTHER - which I still consider the greatest job on Earth.

Nevertheless, I added the MA in Waldorf Education (Witten-Annen, Germany), just to further explore my ‘futuristic’ educational ideas and, did I mention, by then I spoke 5 languages – confirmed by 16 years of a corporate job using them. Where does Green Consciousness fit in? It’s been in my life all the time! Growing up organic and raising my kids vegan and chemical-free, becoming a solar-promoting, raw foodist now almost a decade ago, I teach positive, deeply joyful and intensive living to parents and kids. But, please, always feel free to ask me about more details…

Our Programs

Our programs and events are all about creating a greener, healthier, happier, more adventurous life. Children are allowed to explore and express and to develop a sense of co-responsibility for our planet without indoctrination. We don’t instruct, we co-create. And we the grown-ups may desire to retrieve some of our ability to be creative, to change our habits and beliefs and take charge of our life and well-being.

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Upcoming Events

Prof. Johanna Sophia and Green Conscious Kids organize and present various events related to greener living and conscious education. Events range from live music recitals to storytelling and mini festivals, and from free pot-lucks to grand gourmet dinners. Examples: the educational shows "Once Around the USA" and "A Visit to Africa" can be ordered not just by libraries and schools but also by homeschool groups, summer camps, or children's parties. The shows are 60 to 90 minutes long, are based on slides and storytelling, and are interactive. For children 8 to 99. Our series of monthly Raw Food Dinners begins on July 12, 2012, at Fifty South Restaurant with a 4-course gourmet meal - see details under 'Events'.

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